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World Fitness Federation (WFF-International)
World Body Building Federation (WBBF-International)
Pro and Am International Event‘s Callendar
(119 National Country-Members from all Continents; main events only as  in 2015 WFF-WBBF holds over 60 International events World Wide)

January 11 Pakistan National Championship, Bahesh, Pakistan
January 24 International Trainer's Seminar Klaipeda, Lithuania
March 7 Lithuania National Power Championship Kretinga, Lithuania
March 27 Bobruisk Model Fitness Open, Bobruisk, Belarus
March 29 Copa Arasunu, Corrientes, Argentina
March Pakistan National Junior Championship, Bahech, Pakistan
April 12 Copa Mercosour, Asuncion, Paraguay
April 25 National Championship Germany, Bindlach, Germany
April 25 National Championship Russia, Moscow, Russia
April 25 Lithuania National Championship Kaunas, Lithuania
April 25 Open Polish Competition, Ostrow Mazowiecki, Poland
April 26 Belarus Junior Contest Bobruisk, Belarus
April 26 Belarus National Championship Bobruisk, Belarus
May 11 16-th Baltic Cup International Kaunas, Lithuania
May 11 47-th "Amber Prix International" Kaunas, Lithuania
May 11 5-th Europe Am Cup Open Kaunas, Lithuania
May 2  Poland National Championship Siedlce, Poland
May 16 Europe Pro Grand Prix Tver, Russia
May 16 Poland National Fit-kid Championship Gdansk, Poland
May 30 10-th Europe Pro Championship Tallinn, Estonia
May 30 Europe Am Championship Tallinn, Estonia
June 9 16-th Amateur "Universe" Brusno Kupele, Slovakia
July 12 Copa Cindal De La Cruz, Corrientes, Argentina
August 16  Dorchester Cup Open, Dorchester, UK
September 12 South America Continent Championship, Termes De Rio Hondo, Santiago Del Estero, Argentina
September 19 Cope Cindad De Mote Casera, Corrientes, Argentina
September 26 40-th "Lithuania Cup Open International" Kaunas, Lithuania
October 11-th South America Championship Rosario, Argentina
October Russia Cup Open Moscow, Russia
October Belarus Cup Open Bobruisk, Belarus
October Poland Cup Open Tczew, Poland
October 6 World Am Fitness Cup Brusno Kupele, Slovakia
October 8 World Am Bodybuilding Cup Brusno Kupele, Slovakia
October 9 11-th World Pro Championship "Amber Prix OLYMPIA" Brusno Kupele, Slovakia
October 17 World Am Championship Gdansk, Poland
Octeber 18 Misiones Classic, Pasades, Misiones, Paraguay
October 24 Europe Grand Prix International Mastricht, Holland
October 25 National Championship Paraguay Open, Pasades, Misiones, Paraguay
November 1 National Championship Argentina, Corrientes, Argentina
November 7  World Pro Grand Prix Jekateringurg, Russia
November 1 4-th "Slaviansky Cup International" Brest, Belarus
November 5-th "Nevsky Classic International" Tula, Russia
November 28 World Pro Cup Kaunas, Lithuania
November 28 World Am Grand Prix Kaunas, Lithuania
December 5 Lithuania National Power Cup Palanga, Lithuania

Attention! The WFF-WBBF Events Calendar is in move as many more Contests will be added.